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Health & Wellness News

Health & Wellness News

A Non-Invasive Procedure: The Venus Legacy™

What is the Venus Legacy and how exactly does it work?

The Venus Legacy is the latest technology available for non-invasive treatment of skin elasticity and underlying fat deposits. This treatment works to dissolve fat deposits, cause skin contraction, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite.

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Plagued by a World-Wide Deficiency: Vitamin B12

Nearly 40% of the U.S. population is plagued by this – a deficiency that can lead to chronic fatigue, mood disorders, and even stress.

What is Vitamin B12 – and why is it so vital for humans?

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Botox: Is It Right For Me?

First and foremost, what is Botox?

Botox is the name of the brand of a drug. This drug has been proven to relax muscles, the relaxation of muscles in turn allow for the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our muscles in our bodies contract and pull on skin, and over time our bodies react differently to this constant pull. Botox allows signals from nerves to the muscle to be blocked, thereby preventing the contraction, which means no production of wrinkles or fine lines.

Is Botox safe?

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Beauty Is Timeless: Top 5 Beauty Vitamins

Read any trending beauty magazine and soon you’ll find the status quo of beauty regimens – nourish your skin, daily moisturizing, the latest anti-aging-rejuvenating-essential elixir that will rid your skin of wrinkles and blemishes.

However, there is more to having healthy lovely skin than just owning the latest moisturizer. Your skin must FIRST be functioning properly, to organically keep producing beautiful everlasting skin.

Just how do you accomplish this, you ask? Vitamins!

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Vitamin D: Transform Your Body and Mind

You’ve tried all the latest diets, fad workouts, and even bought a ridiculously uncomfortable waist trainer. And the little black dress, well, it is still little – and you are not. Why can’t you seem to shed the extra few pounds that will leave you looking fabulous?

According to a study in the National Center for Biotechnology Information in 2011, nearly 50% of adults in the United States have a Vitamin D deficiency.

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